The Foundations grant funding to excellent researchers and research projects beneficial to Sweden. 
The funding totaled SEK 2.7 billion in 2023



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Long-term establishment of national expertise in key strategic areas

Since the turn of the millennium the Foundation’s strategic initiatives have helped to build up an extensive network for the furtherance of expertise in basic science in the scientific community and in Swedish industry, in fields such as life sciences, mathematics, data, materials science and AI and quantum technology.


Research that can lead to new treatments for chronic pain

We humans have gotten hurt, been in pain and suffered since time immemorial. But to this day we still don't really know how pain works in our bodies. To map the pathways of pain inside us – and help cure everything from chronic pain to headaches – Håkan Olausson's team at Linköping University is measuring different pain impulses. Olausson and his research team has discovered that pain signals travels much faster than previous known and that pain fibers are everywhere in the body.