The Foundations grant funding to excellent researchers and research projects beneficial to Sweden. 
The funding totaled SEK 2.4 billion in 2019



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Application dates for all Foundations

The Wallenberg Foundations will grant an extension of the allocation period for grants granted that may be delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is applied for in a special order and will be assessed individually for each grant.

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SEK 3.7 billion for research in life science and data-driven life science
Fields that are central to efforts to improve human wellbeing and to safeguard biodiversity and create sustainability.


Slowing down Parkinson’s disease 

Meet Wallenberg Clinical Scholar Per Svenningsson, who is carrying out a major research project on Parkinson's disease, and one of his patients, Sara Riggare, who was only 32 years old when she developed Parkinson's. Per Svenningsson is a professor at Karolinska Institutet and chief physician in neurology at Karolinska University Hospital.Today, there are about 15 different types of treatments for Parkinson's that relieve the symptoms but no cure. Per Svenningsson's goal is to be able to develop a drug that slows down the course of the disease.